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On another note, to view an amusing account of France’s participation in the Crimean war, click here.


It's a series of animations which intersperse the excellent film ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’. I really advise you to buy it now.


It's basically the best film about the Charge ever.


The first 40 seconds of this clip is the opening scene. I love the way it represents the French - very accurate. I advise you to play this in front of any Frenchies you know. PLUS its portrayal of England really appeals to my patriotic zeal.


Around 2 mins 58 seconds in, after the credits, rousing music and some great images of the good old days (Britannia, the Great Exhibition, women and kids down pits - aah…) it paints a good picture of how a reasonable society can descend into a state of war fever (and how they imagine the war will be a walkover) which rings pretty true these days…


The bit where the British Lion is beating up the Russian bear is funny because of the squawking French hen in the background...